Lumpectomy Bandage Removal</strong

20130421-015652.jpgI was so happy to not have a Frankenboob. Makes me a little sad to see the girls here. They were so darn pretty!

20130421-015723.jpgThis was two days after surgery. Which included an incisional biopsy on the lateral most side and a needle loc biopsy at 12 o’clock. I was grateful to be able to take a shower that night, since I was performing in the Living Tarot Oracle again the next day.

20130421-020004.jpgA little scary



20130421-020238.jpg I went home the next night and wrote a letter to an old friend telling him what was happening. I was optimistic. Positive. Very strong that I’d make it through. My mind was not yet filled with doubts, fears, constant questioning, wondering and contemplations of all the terrors that go along with this diagnosis.

20130421-020548.jpgLTO Crew.
Myself (The Hanged Man) and “L” (The Hierophant) bookended by “S” and “A” who were fantastic ushers for the weekend. All like family, so much love right here.


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