There had to be something to commemorate the girls. They were beautiful, they were irreplaceable and I was going miss them.

I made an event page on Facebook and put it out there that I’d like someone else to host it.

L, who I only knew for a short time offered and I accepted. This was a part of The Plan that the Universe/God had for me. Asking for help and saying YES to help even when your mind says “That’s so sweet, but you can’t accept. You barely know her. It would be taking advantage…..etc etc etc”. Contrary to my norm I said yes right away. L then emailed me with questions about what I would and would not like. She seemed unoffended when I didn’t reply (because I was either forgetful or overwhelmed). I am so grateful to L for hosting my party and for being a willing participant in the lessons I’m learning.


And then there’s S who I’ve known for a long time. We look nothing alike yet people mix us up constantly. She’s crazy and does things like having a boob cake made just for me, the girls and this party. Thank you S!!!! S also did about 8 million other fantastic things which I plan to address on my gratitude page, yet to come.


20130303-175748.jpg. Then there’s SSL who made this plaster casting; later on once most folks had left.
HELPFUL HINT: I recommend sitting up straight if you have this done! My girls weren’t perfectly symmetrical but this is a little extreme. By the time I realized it, it was too late to correct.

J who led the prayer/healing circle, lit the candles, helped create the space for the whole event.

…..this page isn’t finished, but I keep seeing “boobie party” in the search terms for how people are finding my website. Somebody is looking for ideas, thoughts, suggestions. Who ever you are I give you this until I can get more info up. Be well. 😉


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