Celeste Aurorean
DOB 12-16-68
44 years old

1cm ILC lump removed Right breast
❤ mytotic / HPF
Well delineated
+ margin
Estrogen +
Progesterone +
HER2 +….. Strike that FISH testing says negative!!!! This is a huge conflict from the original report saying that I was HER2 3+ I just avoided $100,000 of unnecessary chemotherapy!!!!

LCIS calcifications removed Right breast

Tends towards fibrocystic breast tissue

Family Hx mother IDC 1992 – (she now 64 years old and was 44 years old at time of Dx) She received: lumpectomy, radiation, chemo, tamoxifen No reoccurrence. Alive and well today

36C to a Double M 1-22-13

No Reconstruction



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Celeste, we found out on Friday that one of my sisters has DCIS and will have a bilateral mastectomy mid-January at the latest. She saw a single surgeon in a single town in northern CA (San Ramon) who has done 16 bilaterals in the last two months. What is going on?
    I hope you are recovering. I would love to come see you over the next few weeks if you ever feel like a visit.
    Stephanie (Strength)

  2. Stephanie, This is terrible! I’m so sorry for your sister, and the other women…. 16 seems like a very high number. The Durango surgical center at Mercy has only done about 15 in the last year. I would be concerned about environmental causes if that is a small area, wonder how the population compares… Let me know when her surgery is, I’ll be praying for her… .. I wonder if she’s getting reconstruction? If not, maybe she and I can connect about our emotions around it all, sounds like we are having surgery around the same time. Be Well, Stephanie ❤

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