Two and a half years ago, I was scouring the internet looking for info on women in my same situation. I found a number of blogs, with good info and interesting women, but the majority of those blogs had ended abruptly.

The woman had been posting for months, or years and then, poof! – nothing.

When you’re dealing with the terror of cancer, this makes you wonder if that person is still with us. There’s an overwhelming sadness in thinking that the person you’d just connected with on such a personal level was – possibly – gone.

I vowed not to do that with my blog, not to trouble any one with that worry.

But then, I ‘woke up’ one day and realized it had been six months since I’d posted.

Maybe longer.

Why had I abandoned my blog?

I could NOT stand to think about cancer, let alone write about it.

I worried about other women reading my blog and wondering why I’d disappeared, wondering if I were alive and well, just as I had done with the others.

After six months of thinking about it, I’ve decided to continue with this blog – so that any women out there surfing the web in a similar  situation, hoping for a little peace of mind, can find me and realize that there is life after cancer.

Unless I’m fired up about something, I don’t plan to write about cancer specifically. I plan to write about LIFE, and living. The good, the bad, and  the ugly days.

Sunshine and I, taking a break by the frozen river.  I’m listening to Pema Chodron’s teachings on how to “remain like a log” and Sunshine is saying “Let’s go! Let’s go! There’s more walking to do!”IMG_8540


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