Was it the Yoga, the Drumming, the Puppy or the Alien?

Severe low back pain started sometime Friday night.

But the question is: What caused such horrid pain?

Did it start before or after walking the puppy?

Before or after the alien extraction?

Was it while taking off my boots at the end of a snowy hyper-husky pulled walk?

Wednesday morning
First yoga class after a four month respite from my regular yoga regime……

Thursday afternoon
Walking the insane puppy that lives next door, she’s in a crate all day and is ready to run …..

Thursday evening
A drum circle, two hours squeezing that djembe between my thighs…… It’s a thick hand carved African drum, heavy. It may be too big for me. I have to lean forward to have proper hand placement. Hmmmm

Friday morning
I received a nice massage from our new renter at work and I don’t recall saying anything to her about back pain which can only mean I had none, or it was not yet noticeable.

Side Note: A month or so ago a customer told me that the next time she came in she’d check me for alien implants. Yes, alien implants. Your guess is as good as mine. I know nothing about the subject. But if I have any then YES I want them gone! We’d had a conversation around “missing periods of time” of which I’ve had a few, which can suggest having been abducted. So, …

Friday afternoon
Said customer came in for her next appointment and found a “grey” implant in my head and a “draconian” implant by my sacrum – which apparently is unusual, they usually prefer the earth itself to people. Both were destroyed and removed.

Friday Early Evening
I walked the Puppy. Hyper-ly she does not know what she wants.
She does not stop or settle for even a moment.
She bounds through the snow unfazed by the leash.
If only I’d been on a sled.

Friday Evening
Back pain.
I serve my friend “A” a bowl of cereal as a start to dinner (!!!!) (not how I eat)
Lifting my legs is a challenge. Keep feeling ‘stuck’ in whatever position I’m in.

The last few days it feels better, for a while, after a Puppy-free walk; where I can move freely, swing my arms without tugs, pulls and sudden movements.

So was it the yoga, the drumming, the Puppy or the alien?

For now I’ll walk, stretch, drink some more water and hope & pray that it was the Puppy.




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