There’s so much to be grateful for.

I’m grateful that my Auntie “D” comes up to Colorado every year for Thanksgiving and cooks an amazing, yummy, organic feast for us all to share.

I’m grateful that there is a plane ticket already purchased for my brother to visit next month.

I’m grateful that my kids are healthy, happy, self sufficient and crazy smart.

I’m grateful for my friends.
For all the curve balls my life has thrown me it is equally counter balanced by the most fantastic, loyal, loving friends. The love is obvious, big, bold. I’m enveloped by their perpetual kindness.

I’m grateful for my mother’s constant love, her help at work (accounting is not my thang), and having a daily walking partner. I love that we always have a smile, positive things to say, and that we motivate one another on all the levels of our lives.

I’m grateful for my sweet Sunshine who can hardly contain her excitement for all things.
I aspire to her state of being.

I’m grateful for my chickens.
Yes my chickens.
Their meditative behaviors feed my soul as I watch them peck and scratch, and their beautiful Buddhist Orange egg yolks to feed my body.

I’m grateful for all the new energy at work.
It’s building.
It’s buzzing.
It’s about to be turquoise and red!

I’m grateful when I stay in a place of joy despite my external circumstances.
I’m grateful every time I remember what is truly important

I’m grateful for my good health.

I’m grateful that while there are many more things that I could write about I’m allowing myself to publish this without it being 100%. For most of my life I’ve let things drop that I couldn’t do to perfection. “I’m a 90% girl” I once told my friend “J”, who replied that he told his employees he’d “rather have “B” work turned in on time than “A” work not turned in at all. It’s taken about 8 years for that to fully sink in and for me to allow “B” work in my life. It’s a lot better than the disappointment I feel from working hard on things yet not feeling any sense of accomplishment, since I never allowed anything to come to fruition, because it wasn’t “A” work.

I just sent a half-assed birthday card to a friend…… but at least I sent it. Pretty sure I bought that card for her 6 years ago!

Suddenly things are getting done. Not perfectly, but close ~ and it’s done, and I feel some sense of accomplishment.

I’m grateful for it all.



12 thoughts on “Grateful Days

  1. Celeste, you write eloquently. Loved this post. Thank you for the reminder that we all have a lot to be thankful for. Love you! 🙂 ❤

  2. I am grateful for you my beautiful,wonderful friend and all the hurdles you have made it over…I am grateful that you have let go of things and not be able to get to everything on the list in one day..I am most grateful for my sista, an inspiration to many..I love you girl!!! Shine on…

  3. Celeste, you continue to inspire and enrich my life with your clarity and joy. There’s nothing wrong with handing in a B when you realize you are probably juggling SEVERAL projects and if you had the luxury of concentrating on one it would be an A+. If achieving balance means settling for a B (or 3!) I say that is a good trade-off!
    Youre my idol

    • I just finished a brisk walk in the snow & sunshine filled hills with with a good friend that I hadn’t seen for a while. All aglow from that experience I sit down and read your message. It is the icing on the cake of my day, thank you!

  4. As a yogi, I have come to the understanding that steady effort is far, far more important than accomplishment.

    And… I am grateful for a new post from you. Especially one that conveys such peace. Thank you.

    • Thank you for that Bharat ~ its a very good reminder. Slow and steady Celeste, slow and steady. I forget, and get all east coast on myself.
      I’m glad to be posting again and hope to continue. It was a whole new twist heading back into work and trying to juggle the adjustments oof life post surgury. …. I’m still thinking of a reply to a comment you made on my child support post! ❤

  5. I’m grateful and blessed to know you. My spirit is lifted to hear strength, resilience and peaceful mindfulness reflected in your thoughts. Much love and grace to you. …and a big “Howdy” to the kids and your mom!

    • I have a drawer filled with blank cards, cards with the envelopes written & stamped but nothing inside, cards written out but un-mailed (and now its too late, old news but the card is perfect….), etc…. Your birthday card was one that I tried to steal the envelope from to mail this other birthday card. Yours I will save an give to you in the proper month, you’ll get a laugh from it, and its only been in ‘the drawer’ since you lived on Grand!

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