Yesterday I found my smile again.

Its been lost for several months.

Im grateful.

Now I just hit my “STOP” button and plunked my butt down on the porch in the sunshine. Eating a carrot and a little cheese 🙂

I’m supposed to be at yoga/kirtan in 10 min, should have been helping a friend install solar panels since 9am, instead I was at work trying to find the # for the guy to fix my furnace…. %{€^!!

Bummed that its stopped working. Grateful its warm out.

….Then I got a call to drive Axel’s buddy from the river to his house because he had a giant hole in his leg – blood all over, muscle all mushed up,

Now I get to listen to my F’d up neighbor high as a kite talking about people getting off of heroine, the girls who love him and how stupid his dog is! Yeah right its the dog.

And Jesus help me I’m still smiling some how.



9 thoughts on “Yesterday I Found My Smile

    • Thank you Aleah, and thank you for the donation as well ❤

      I have not been to Ricky Point but fantasize about running away to there regularly. Me, a camper with herb racks, and a beach chair. Patients pay what they can and when I don't feel like working I just pull in my shingle and hop on a wave 🙂

      • =) So glad you got it, and wish I were there to help more directly. You really lifted my spirits when I was going through hell. Thank you. We certainly are tough broads, I say. Love and spirit up! I will be in Mancos in June!

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